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I plucked my eyebrows off
A while ago, I wrote that I plucked all the eyebrows off of my boyfriend by mistake.  I felt so bad about it, that I plucked mine off for him.  He did not mind his brows being plucked off and after a while I  liked the look on both of us.  Since then, several of my girlfriends have plucked thier brows and a couple of my boyfriends friends have plucked thier brows all off.  The face look so different without the little patch of hair.  Has anyone else ever plucked all thier brows off?  Has anyone thought about doing it?  The funny thing is that most people do not even notice that the brow is gone.  If they do, they do not say anything.
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. s e x c b a b i g u r l . View Profile 28-Feb-05
I pluck my eyebrows but I have never plucked all of the hair off. I :) thin shaped eyebrows. I think bushy eyebrows are really gross. About a year ago my eyebrows were WAY too thin though, so I had to leave them for a while and now I really like them. They're like Angelina Jolie's. I saw a lot of people who shaved off their eyebrows and then drew them on with eyeliner. On some people it looks really pretty, but personally I would never do that to myself because I know it wouldn't suit me.
Rashel 16-Jan-05
I think it looks wicked weird but with some people you don't even notice like with whoopi. I didn't notice till someone else said something
opal View Profile 02-Jan-05
If you pluck them to much they wont grow back after so many times. BTW i am eating a pear!!
jessica 28-Dec-04
i LOVE the look of when you shave your eyebrows then put eyeliner on instead it is so pretty if u don't mind me sayin so.
tammy View Profile 17-Dec-04
My boyfriend :)d your picture!!! You are a very pretty girl!!!
$$HEATHER$$ View Profile 16-Dec-04
I have plucked most of my eyebrows off and I usually draw them on with a pencil and they look good. I have gotten a few compliments.. http://superm  odels.c  om/abercrombiebabe ------------ me
Bear Demon 1724 View Profile 10-Dec-04
Not a bad idea.
_ Zhahira _ View Profile 06-Dec-04
I think it looks horrible when you have all your eyebrows plucked off. It just makes your brow-bone look really WEIRD and cave-man-ish. I also dislike it when people get rid of their eyebrows and then use a pencil to draw them back in... It just looks really strange to me, and they never do it quite right. It gives you a permanent surprised/mad expression.
Call Me Joe View Profile 31-Oct-04
ok, danca is just...ignorant. some people have issues with facial hair of any kind. i've seriously considered removing all of my eyebrows. AND YES THEY CAN GROW BACK. that's just ridiculous to say they won't.

do whatever makes you happy hon, that's most important.
~Baby~Girl~ View Profile 24-Oct-04
Well, its not like a lot of people are going to go up to someone they don't know and say "Hey, did you know you have no eyebrows?" while pointing at you. Of course they don't say anything. And faces do look tons different without eyebrows... You're an odd duck. There are people in the world who would :) to be able to have the choice to pluck off their eyebrows...
danca View Profile 17-Oct-04
your so stupid why would u do that if you keep doing it your never goin to have any hair grow back there, when your older you want your eyebrows becasue they way they are shaped make it look like you have bigger eyes

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