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Wearing My Sister's Panties
I know I'm going to hear a lot of insults from this, but I just want people to hear my story. When I was nine or ten I had thought about wearing my sister's panties, so one day I was about to take a shower when I walked by my sister's room and finally decided to try it. I went in her room and opened her drawer and found a pink cotton Hanes Her Way panty that I tried on and wore the rest of the day. Now I'm 13, and I have been wearing her panties on and off ever since. In fact, I am wearing that first pair of panties I ever wore right now, and yes, they do still fit. Please tell me what you think of my story.
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grant View Profile 21-Oct-07
im not 18 im 13
ryan 09-May-07
your should buy your own panties. if you dont want your friends to see wear them under some boxers
Bob 07-Feb-07
I wear my sisters panties too.
grant 06-Feb-07
ok first of all i dont know what your talking about with the tyler thing and the reason it says 18 is because i didnt know how old i had to be to be a member on this sight and no its not fake
Christina View Profile 23-Jan-07
i actually think this story is fake cause at first the guys name was tyler who wrote this and he was 13 or w/e and now his name is grant and is 18? ha
Christina View Profile 23-Jan-07
im not argueing im just wondering why he is stealing his sister's and mom's underwear, bras and pantyhose... i can understand the underwear part, but not the other stuff.
grant 22-Jan-07
can everybody just stop arguing ok some peopllike panties some dont i understand whyh christina is telling us to make sure we dont get caught but an we stop all the fighting
Christina View Profile 20-Jan-07
ok so it went from just stealing your sister and moms underwear to stealing there bras and pantyhose? hmm so your a cross dresser? ya so do you want to be a drag queen or something?
Tyler 17-Jan-07
Like I just said, they feel great. I :) the look and feel of them. Dressing like a girl is not complete without all the underwear: bras, panties, and pantyhose. To me at least. Besides, they feel great and I just completely :) them!!
Christina View Profile 16-Jan-07
why are you taking her bras and pantyhose??
Tyler 15-Jan-07
I just steal my sister's and mom's panties, bras, and pantyhose. I'm wearing my mom's grammy panties, and bra right now, but no pantyhose so she doesn't see me. They feel so great, I :) them!!!!!
liam 10-Jan-07
hi im 18 and 100% straight and i wear thongs all the time i think u need to get some mans thongs i wore my sisters for a month then got my own ive got about 20 mens thongs they have more room in the front and comfyer i find i like g-strings now i wear them all the time i live in the uk does anyone from the uk know where the best place is to but thongs and g-strings
grant 31-Dec-06
i would get my but i cant drive and dont have a car so until i can drive i have to get them some how and theres no way im telling my mom
Matt View Profile 24-Dec-06
i used to wear panties too but then i realized whats even more underwear! try it!
Tyler 21-Dec-06
Well, they don't notice and I like the kind I have anyway.
kody 21-Dec-06
well its going to stink if ur wearing ur sisters underwear and u get pantsed
Will View Profile 21-Dec-06
christina.....i realize you wanna help...

but the man doesnt need to be talked to like a f**kin kid.....

im sure he meant size wise, as well as variety or color.....

he's new to it, so im sure he doesnt know that much about them.

im not flaming you or anything, im just saying....ppl here need to ease up on guys that do this kind of thing.
Christina View Profile 21-Dec-06
ok ya im pretty sure there gonna start noticing that there underwear is gone cause you keep them. you should prolly plan out your panty steal better next time, cause i am for sure that they will notice cause i would. anddd ok they have these little things in the back of the undewear there usually white oh ya there called tags... it tells you what kind they are. ya
Tyler 20-Dec-06
Well I can't get there, and I wouldn't know what to look for. Besides, the one's they have are real comfertable so I keep them.
Christina View Profile 19-Dec-06
why cant you buy your own? and if you like theres so much go buy your own of the same kind. its that simple. and what if they finally start noticing that there underwear is gone? ya im pretty sure having to go buy your own is way better.
Tyler 18-Dec-06
I can't buy my own, and I like the feel of my sister's and my mom's. They feel real good, and I don't hate the designs.
Christina View Profile 18-Dec-06
ok theres a difference from wearing girls underwear and stealing there underwear. and the guy below, are you kidding me. your sister is 8. she prolly has like barbie underwear or something and your moms freaking underwear, not that is were you draw the line. for real. go buy your own instead of stealing it.
Tyler 18-Dec-06
I wear my sister's panties sometimes too. It feels real good even though I'm 14 and she's 8. I also wear my mom's panties.
Stevie View Profile 18-Dec-06
Cool, I think you should tell us more about what you were feeling at the time.
Lindsey 17-Dec-06
I think that wearing panties is ok, but you should not steal your sisters. You should buy some of your own panties. That way you could try different brands, sizes, fabrics, and colors and possibly find something better than what you have right now.
Sam View Profile 17-Dec-06
Eric View Profile 17-Dec-06
ummm...good for u?

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