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Very Tight Skirts
Tight skirts are a big part of my life. For over 10 years I have only worn skirts that are restrictive. It feels wierd when I wear a skirt that when you walk, you can't feel it. I wear them just below the knee.

Is there anyone else out there like this? My boy friend loves them and we have made an agreement that I will only wear my tightest skirts when with him.

I often cut one leg from a pair his trousers, at knee length, and wear it under a pencil skirt but you have to be carefull when doing this, it can be hard to walk up stairs.

Does anyone else wear very tight skirts?
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Rachel 18-Oct-08
michelle View Profile 27-Jan-08
I guess that I have to go along with Tyler and Brian,on this one.Being a long time crossdresser,I've always :)d putting on a nice,sexy skirt or dress.As for tight,as opposed to a looser fit,I guess that it depends on my mood,and what the occasion is,otherwise I :) them both,equally.If I am wearing something on the loose,whispy,flippy side,then I :) the feeling of freedom,no binding and the thrill of possibly having it blow up,on me.I guess I'm bad.If I wearing something tight and binding,then I :) how it forces my legs together as I walk,and since I usually wear some type of hosiery,like stockings or pantyhose,it will make my legs make that swishing sound,plus I :) the way that feels!
Joe's Girl View Profile 11-Nov-07
i wear tight skirts.....idk what i would do without them!!
Brian View Profile 19-Aug-07
I :) wearing skirts myself, I have about 30 long straight skirts - the one I :) is a long straight side skit skirt, with buttons going up the back.. can someone describe there favorite skirt(s)

Christina 18-Jun-07
I :) skirts. I have worn skirts all of my life because my parents never let me wear trousers as they are not feminine and when I finished school they stopped me wearing flat shoe/trainers. I am now 23yrs and would never think of wearing trousers, jeans or even shorts. The majority of what I have are kee-length or just below the knee pencil skirts. All of these skirts are tight fitting. I wear 4" or 5" high heel pumps everyday (I'm 5ft-6 Inches) and these with a pencil skirt, makes you feel great. My mom also wears high heels and knee-length pencil skirts everyday and hates trousers because they are not feminine.
jane 25-Apr-07
All i wear is a straight skirt but i am a girl, i :) the feeling when you walk and your legs are controled by your skirt, i dont even own any trousers. i have about 150 skirts all are tight, some so tight i have to wearthem under a looser skirt, but that makes it a chalange towalk around all day
Katie View Profile 04-Feb-07
Hmm, i don't wear super tight skirts, especially now because there's two feet of snow outside, but to each their own I guess - It seems kind of silly that you've made an agreement to only wear tight skirts around your boyfriend.. people do age and if you plan on being with him, tight skirts don't look good forever.
Verummba View Profile 20-Jan-07
This article's picture makes me think of Jeffree Star (minus ankle tattoos).
all regrets View Profile 20-Jan-07
i only like them becaue they show my body but they are so hard to walk int!
Mindi 19-Jan-07
I :) tight skirts. I just can't go up stairs in anything tight and past my knees, so I save the tight ones for short skirts.
Tyler 17-Jan-07
I perfer the loose kind. I like to wear the flowing knee length kind. That is just me though. By the way, I'm a 14 year old guy. I would rather wear a dress anyway.

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