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White Cotton Panties
I was wondering when other girls first started wearing colored underwear that was NOT all white. Growing up, my mom always bought me plain white cotton panties and I didn't get to wear colored panties until 8th grade. Can anyone else remember something like this? My mom was kind of strict when it came to clothes and didn't want me to grow up too fast. At age 13, I felt mature and "cool" to finally be able to wear sexy red bikini panties, etc. (I am not a fan of thongs and think bikini panties are way cuter!) But in the locker room and at sleepovers as a kid I noticed most of my friends switched to colored, non-white panties in 5th, 6th, and 7th to be cool. I was a great sport about sticking to the white underpants my mom gave me but I wonder if people think "white panties are for babies. " Do any guys think white panties are cute and actually prefer the sweet innocent schoolgirl look of white cotton panties? There are sometimes today when I still wear white panties, especially when I wear a miniskirt. Old habits are hard to break, hee hee.

Piper, age 16
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ryan 09-May-07
i think white panties are the sexiest kinds...... or maybe black??
JEAN View Profile 07-May-07
I think its cute. When a girls bend over or sticking out of the pants on pourpose or by accident. I just :) see it and also any other kind of underwear on a girl.
Nick View Profile 16-Apr-07
i wedgie myself in them and then i jack off and then i wash them and then i return them to my sister!!!
erik 13-Apr-07
I absolutley :) cotton white panites. I :) to wear them and i think it is the best look on a girl by far. thongs suck. white panties all the way. if you want to talk more, message me
ANDY THE LOBSTER View Profile 11-Apr-07
when i was going out with my ex she wore the white cotton panties u r talking about and i thought she was cute. one day it was raining when i went over to her house so my clothes were wet. she told me to undress for her to dry my clothes, so i did and then she noticed my boxers were wet and she pulled them off of me which turned me on. as she started doing that i said what am i going to wear. she suggested i wear her underwear until my suff dryed.

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