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Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

At what age did you discover a love for writing and what sort of stories did you write?

The first stories I created were written down for me by a cousin when I was about three years old, and could not write them myself. They were based on the life of a plush, striped cat my mother had given to me named Meow Stripe, who was queen of Catland. Since then, I have always loved to create. I don't know what started the drive to write; I only know that it has been there for longer than I can remember.

What inspired you to write about vampires?

I wrote various book beginnings over the years before starting with vampires. I wrote futuristic science fiction, some fantasy, some real-life fiction, some mythical stories- but none of the books were ever finished, because I would lose interest too quickly in either the character or the world.

In the summer of 1995, I started with a new breed: vampires. Those first characters (Nancy and Mira) were shallow, but their world interested me. As I continued to write, their world grew; the more it grew, the more I had to write about.

How did it feel to be named one of Teen People's "20 Teens Who Will Change The World"?

I believe that one person can change the world, for the better or the worse. Whether I'll be the one to do it, I don't know. One of my dreams is to be a teacher. Even if my only change in the world is to teach one person to fight for his dreams, that will be enough for me.

What authors inspired your writing?

Everything I see and do inspires my writing, so it is hard to pin down any author that did so. However, if I had not read as much, I would probably never have learned to write; for inspiring me to read, I would have to thank Christopher Pike and L. J. Smith. Theirs were the books I read over and over; they taught me to love words, and characters.

What is your favorite book and why?

My favorite book is Stranger in a Strange Land, by Heinlein - which is strange, because over all, he isn't my favorite author. The story is about a man raised by Martians, who is then "rescued" and returns to Earth. It made me think; I would recommend it.

Is it hard to juggle schoolwork with your busy schedule?

I have never been good with my schoolwork. I graduated a year early (congratulations to the class of 2001!), so I ended up taking nine courses at the same time the second half of this year. Two days a week I had no lunch block, and on Thursdays I had a night class. Yet somehow I managed to write, and overall feel better than I have in years- and make honor roll.

If I have something to write, nothing is going to stop me. If I'm in school, I'll write in a notebook. If I don't have a notebook, I'll jot ideas down on my hands so I won't forget them. Also, school was where I saw my best friends- who also write. Their encouragement keeps me going.

What do you do that most appeals to teens?

I am a teen; that's the only answer I can think of. I think people who ordinarily never would have picked up my book see it and think, "this girl is my age." They read it because if I could do it, they can do it. That's my favorite part of being published- the people who write to me and say, "you inspired me to write" or "your books taught me to like reading." There is no greater praise I can receive, and I believe much of it stems from the fact that I am no different from most of my readers- just lucky.

What advice would you give a teen who would one day like to be a successful writer?

I get this question a lot, and my advice is always the same: Do it. You are a writer from the instant you first put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard), so if you want to do it, just do it. Don't let anyone convince you that it's impossible, or impractical, or stupid, or anything.

At the same time, don't let yourself convince you that your writing is awful. You are your own worst critic. Besides, like anything- any sport, any instrument, any hobby- practice is necessary. The first draft will never be perfect. Just put the words on paper; worry about them later.

What would you like to tell teens about yourself? What kind of message would you like to send to today's teens?

That I'm one of them! I don't consider myself so special because I hit a patch of luck. My only message for others is to be yourself. I know it sounds hokey; I know it's overdone. There's a reason for that. Don't be afraid to dream. Don't be afraid to work for your dreams.

Where would you like to see yourself in 10yrs.?

When I'm all of 27? Who knows? I have at least four years of college first, and probably more after that. I want to learn everything I can learn, see everything I can see, and at the same time be where I love, surrounded by friends. I want to help people. How I'm going to do that, I don't know. But those are my goals.

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2 Sexy 4 You 05-06-08
Great books they are sooo cool!

Kristi 02-13-08
I thank you for the amazing books you put out there. You inspire me alot to put out my own creations. We're the same age, too! That's a big common between the two of us. Thanks for your advice and I'll try even harder now. :)

Karen 11-18-06
I absolutely LOVE this book!! My friend told me about this book and I HAD to read it!! But I also have a question, is there a sequel? Because I REALLY :)d this book, and I was just wondering what would happen in the sequel if there was a sequel.

Lynda 04-13-06
I :) her books I'm a vampire write too i'm trying hard to make my characters real if any have advice or wanna talk feel free I'm new and stuff Amelia is my favorite yeah...

Catalina 03-18-06

Her books were so, so, so cool, I :)d them all!

Josh 10-29-05
you rocked in the scary movies, but your UGLY!!

 ♪ Kelsey   07-30-05
Wow. I knew you were a great author because I've read her books but I didn't know she was so young. I mean, she looked young in the picture (and, by the way, that's an awesome picture) but I didn't know she began so young. I must say, after reading this article and learning more about you, you have really inspired me. You inspired me before because I :) your books and all, but man...17 and writing such great books? Geez.

Renee 07-05-05
Amelia, I :) all of the books I've read so far. I haven't read Hawksong, Snakecharm, or Falcondance, but I'm looking forward to reading them. I want to be a writer too, but, just as you said, I'm my worst critic. What I need is someone who will read them, and tell me my problems. Thanks for inspiring me.


kitty 06-22-05
amelia i just :) your books they are so great and wonderful!! I :) all your books and i favor all of them i own In The Forest Of The Night and Snakecharm!!! I have read In the Forest of the Night like 13 times i :) it that much hehe!!!! Amelia if u ever read this please email me i would :) it greatly thank you

Melissa 06-15-05
I read both Hawksong and Snakecharm and :)d them. I really do and it broke my heart that the third book isn't going to be focused on Zane and Danica. I know that she has to move on to other characters but just one more book on those two would be wonderful. I would be first in line to get it. Amelia is an awesome writer. I never read until my friend practically forced me into reading Hawksong. If Amelia ever reads these please just make another book focused on Danica and Zane. They're so wonderful.

Danica 04-11-05
I :) all of your books! They are great my favorite is definetly Hawksong!. Keep up the great writing.

Jalyn 04-08-05
Amazing. Keep up the good work, I :) every book you put out. Don't stop writing.

Torie 02-19-05
It is me again, I forgot to add something. I would like to thank you, because you had inspired me to write myself. I would :) to be as good as you some day... but I highly doubt that will EVER happen!

Torie 02-19-05
Amelia I absolutly :) your work! I have read every single book of yours. But I do not think i can wait till September for FalconDance to come out! (sigh)

Zero aka steve 11-01-04
Amy Please Read This me and a bunch of vidiots (video Idiots) from the school i just graduated from are makeing a movie. based on vampires and just today i looked up authors borm in 1984 and you came up i just think thats weird and i want to read all your books because im so fasinated with vampires that im so glad you came around. THANK YOU FOR BEING BORN!!! sorry

colleen 07-20-04
I have read every single one of your books each one took me 3 days or less. I :) to read and write and was wishing you could possibly email me at horse_crazy_c I :) the way you portray vampires and witches. I have never run across an author that wrote about such things in a way I come to :) them. Well I hope you can find the time to email me thank you for reading!

kim 06-07-04
where do your awesome ideas come from? i :) to write, but it never flows the way your books seem to. what's your trick?

XRaggedyAnnX 06-02-04
she's one of my favorite authors. i :) her style of writing. and shes so young and already so successful so shes a great inspiration.

Cassandra 05-11-04
hey i have like read almost all of her books and :)d them... if anyone knows how to contact her please let me know!! well yah thanx and please let me know.. thanx Cassandra S.

Ashleigh 05-08-04
I :) your books. I have read almost every one of them. Right when i am reading the first paragraph i get hooked and can't put the book down. My two fav. ones would be Hawksong and Prediator at Midnight.

Jennifer 04-16-04
Oh my gosh! I :) your work! I read Shattered Mirror and I couldn't put it down! I :) books about vampires and witches and stuff. I can't believe your so talented at only 17. Thats amazing.

Barbara 04-16-04
Amelia, I :) your work. Your books make me think. And i can't seem to put them down...How do you know so much about the Vampire world? I have finished all your books and now I am reading Anne Rice books. If anyone likes Amelia's work I think you would like Anne Rice too.

Misty 02-03-04
I have read Shattered Mirror, Midnight Predator, Demon in My View, and In the Forests of the Night all in the past 2 weeks.

Isis 01-04-04
I read about three to four books a week of all genres. but I :) the stories that Amelia writes. I am a sorta critic with books and I give her books four stars!

ANGIE 01-04-04
I :) your work. My favorite book is Shattered Mirror. I think it would be really cool if you wrote another book to follow up shattered mirror so that we could find out what is going on with sarah and christoher. That would be totally awsome. Your work is great.text

Nessalanta 09-16-03
I luve your works and your books have inspired me to write what I cant. still I try. You are my role model. I have read Demon In My Veiw a few too many times. Most of my friends never see me without your books and are clueless to why. This is why: I admire your work and wish mine were as great and rich in detail as your's. I have tried to write but dont get very far. If you have an advise please email me at TolkienFreak4
Love your work and dont stop writitng!
forever and foralways

Cassandra 09-09-03
Hey, I luv Amleia's books I have read like all of them so far and i can't wait till more come out. Amelia, J.L. Smith, and Christopher Pike have inspired me to write. So far I am on my 13th page of typing my story. Any way, I have this assignment at school where we send a letter to a person we admire and I wanted to send one to Amelia. So if any one could help me with that I'd be grateful. And if not I will just send it to her publisher company or wat ever. And that is Random house right???? PLZZZZZ help!!! Thanx


amber 06-03-03
you rock Amelia! i read all your books and cant wait untill hawksong comes out. your my favorite author i :) the subjects you use and i think jager and aubrey are awsome vampires. i :) how you explain aubrey down to his every tatoo, thats really kool. your books are great i got all my friends hooked on them. it would be really kool if you could write a sequal to Demon In My View, that and Midnight Preditor are two of my favorite books. you are by far my favorite author. i :) all yor books. Do you have any other pictures? the whole time ive been looking for more pictures of you but i can only find that one thats on the back of all your books. if you or any1 who reads this knows where i can find more plz email me at THANX You are the best! your fan Amber

Anna 05-30-03
I :) your books, especially your vampire books I couldn't put it down. I :) hoe you write so well nd your so talented with your writing skills ,words to. You are going to have another seguel to Demon in my View that is a nice book so was the first one.

Kristi 05-23-03
Amelia! I LOVE all of your books! I would stay up all night to finish reading them. My friend introduced them to me. The first book I ever read was "Demon In My View". I :) that book and all the characters in it. I constantly wonder how Aubrey and Jessica continued their lives. I :) all of your books I've read them all thanks to my friend. You've inspired me to write my own stories and Poetry. (I :)d the poems in "Shattered Mirror")

kimber 05-21-03
hi my name is kimber and i never really got into the whole reading thang until i picked up one of ur books and could not put it down it wuz sooo good!u really kno how 2 get a reader sucked in u r the gr8est!!!b4 i never had a fav author until now u r my fav and i hav read all of ur books so many times i kno each story by memory!!!and i told my grandma bout u 2 and now she is reading ur books 2 and luvs them also!!!i can't w8 till ur next book comes out !!!

luv ur number 1 fan and always will b,

Dyanel 05-01-03
OMG! I have been in :) with your books since the 6th grade! I have reread them like 100 hundred times and I can basically tell you Shattered Mirror word for word! You are inspiration to me though. You were published at 14 and I want to be that way too. Even though I am fifteen now I still try everyday. I am into the vampiric world also. I create my worlds though mixed with all the childhood games I used to play. So I want to give you a big hug if this wasn't on the net. Thanks so much and hope you come out with another. I want to know more about the vampire slave system. Turquise Draka was a great character even though Shattered Mirror is my favorite.

liz 02-18-03
I :) all of your books so much! I think it's amazing everything that you have accomplished at such a young age. I am eagerly awaiting your next book and hope that it will come out soon! I hope you keep writing b/c I was hooked as soon as i read the first book.

tracy 01-28-03
Where can I buy your book? I'm really interested in it. I like to hear from teens because they can relate to us other teens.

Lealie 12-16-02
Hi Amelia. I haven't read any of your books because I don't have access to them. My town doesn't have any bookstores and it seems like my library will never get any of your books in because they rely on donations. But I just want to say that I admire what you have accomplished at your age and you really inspire me to keep trying to become the author that I know I can be someday and I thank you for that . . .

MelyDawn 11-26-02
I have read all four of the books i know she has out as of yet..their all fantastic..grandly written, and the world that they live in is rather grand. She needs to keep up the good writing!

Jackie 11-05-02
I have read "In the Forests of the Night" and "Demon in My View", and they were both great. I don't know if I can say this, but even though I've only read two of Amelia Atwater-Rhodes books, but she is my favorite author.

alex 11-05-02
i've read the first two and so far i :) them. hopefully after i read the next two another will be out since her novels rule so much!!!

Chelsea 09-24-02
I :) your books! But my favorite book is Shattered Mirror it's so good it has to become a movie (I'd like to see Orlando Bloom as Christopher and Nikolas.) It's like those two caracters it was like just bite me! They were so cool!Anyway I hope that you will right for a long long time !

Fiora 09-18-02
Help! I need to know an address that I can send a letter to Amelia at! Save me! I will so flunk if I don't get this assingment in!

Mandi 08-19-02

becky 07-21-02
amelia i completly :) your books they are the best ever!! after i read the first one i had to find more! i :) how you mention a caratcter in one book and they have a role in the next book like in the forests of the night you mention riskia watching jessica then the second book is about her. i :) how all the books kind of collide! it is the best set of books i have ever read! you gotta keep publishing! good luck in the future!

Ashley 06-21-02
Amelia, I enjoy your books, alot, and I truly think you should seek out a movie director so that a movie could be made of one of your books. I'm pretty sure that a movie would be awesome.

Christiana 06-09-02
Amelia I :) your book! I :) the people. I right about that stuff too. You inspire me sooo much! When I read your first book I felt like was Riska. I want to meet you in person sooo bad! text

Katie 05-12-02
i :) ur books!

Camaria 03-27-02
i loved the books you are a great writer. if you happen to read this i was wonder if you are going to have more books or not? vampires still?? or if anyone else knows please e-mail me @ Thanks!

Malin 03-09-02
Zhahira the other book is called Shattered Mirror they have it at Barnes and Noble or you can get it offline. try

Malin 03-09-02
I've read all three vampire books. I loved them all and I completely fell in love with Aubrey. Congrats on being such a great writer and thanks for helping me find a name for my first born son. Are there any more. Good Luck on more and more books for me to read!

Zhahira 12-06-01
I've read 2 of the books, and they're awesome! I haven't found/heard of the 3rd one yet (the curse of living in a small town), what's it called??

Lori 11-05-01
Does anyone know where/about a group called Rikaki for teen writers? Just curious.

Stacey 11-04-01
I love ur books I am just now on the 2nd one though keep writing....

Kim 10-09-01
Good luck with your future works of art!!!!

jen 10-08-01
I love her books and I'd scream if she stopped writing. All three books are totally amazing. But the 1st in my opinion is always the best. And my favorite is In the Forests of the Night.

¤Dallas¤ 10-06-01
That's *so* cool! An idea for a book came in my head a few weeks ago, I'm just starting to write it down. I doubt it will ever get published though.

emo*girl 09-22-01
Thats awesome

Gurrli 09-14-01
Hey Amelia, I love your books. My best friend got me hooked on em and now I can't wait for the next one. It sounds odd, but I've actually noted a lot of things from your text about your vampiric world and such and am creating stories that will hopefully be made into books someday. I've always loved to write, but the stories meant nothing to me. Ur work has given me a new direction. Thank you!

Rabe 09-13-01
I read all three of your books, and "In Forests Of The Night" is my favorite. Put a new one out soon!

Ashley 09-13-01
ive read both of her books they are both incredibly awesome she should of course most diffinently keep writing

preciouse 09-13-01

Lori 09-13-01
I've read both of your books and I'm awaiting your third published one about Aubrey. I write stories myself and I've been discouraged because it's been hard finding a publisher or literary agent that'll help me. Thanks though, this interview has made me feel more hopeful.

Markia 09-13-01
I love these kinds of books. A read an article about where they compared you to Anne Rice, I love her books. I am definitely going to read yours.

TIM 09-13-01
That's so cool. you're so young and you already have books published. I'll have to check them out.

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