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AJ Trauth

AJ Trauth, the 15 year old actor, musician and song writer from Las Vegas, is rapidly gaining national recognition. He can be seen every week playing "Alan Twitty" on the Emmy nominated TV show "Even Stevens."

AJ, how and when did you start acting?

I have always wanted to act. I’m originally from Las Vegas and when I was younger I was always bothering my parents about it and they kept saying okay hoping I would give up.

One day we saw a sign about an open audition that was going to be taking place and my mother agreed to take me. I was accepted and since the classes were expensive I started with one acting class. That was in February of 1998 and by October 2001 I was in California and I had an agent.

You are a talented musician and write your own music. What instruments do you play and when did you start?

I wouldn’t say that I am a musician, but I have been around music since I was born. My father is a blues musician and he owns a guitar shop in Las Vegas. My mother is also a musician along with both of my older brothers. I started playing guitar about two years ago and I also play the harmonica, my guitar is always with me. When I am on the set for Evens Stevens if I am not rehearsing you can always find me somewhere playing the guitar.

I also write music and one of my songs was in an episode of Evens Stevens, it was the episode titles ‘Battle of the Bands’ and the song was ‘Stop’, my mother actually helped me with the writing of the song.

You do the voice of Josh in the new Disney animated series ‘Kim Possible’, is that very different from taping ‘Even Stevens’?

Yes, I was did do the voice of Josh. There is definitely a difference between taping for an animated show and a regular show. When you are taping for an animated series you just go into the studio and have to say your lines as with Even Stevens or any television series you have to know your lines, know your marks, and you have to be on the set before filming so that the crew can make sure the lighting is correct.

Another big difference between filming in front of a camera and reciting lines for an animated series is with animation you need to be able to express your emotions and body language through your voice.

If you had to choose acting or music, which would you choose and why?

I don’t think I could choose. I don’t think of myself as musician or an actor, I consider myself an entertainer. The acting and music go hand in hand.

What is it like to be on a weekly show? Is your work schedule different from when you are doing commercials or movies?

It’s very different, because on a weekly show you are with the same people everyday. You start to develop relationships with them; you become a family in some ways. This all comes through on the screen when you are filming. When you are filming a movie or commercial you don’t always have to be on the set and you don’t always develop the same types of bonds with people.

Are there any similarities between you and your character?

Definitely, we both love to surf and play the guitar. I’d say that my character ‘Alan Twitty’ on ‘Even Stevens’ is a more exaggerated version of myself.

Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years?

I would like to be well known enough so that I get called and asked to be in show or movie rather than have to go and audition for a show or movie. Basically I want to be in demand. I would also like to own my own studios and have an established music career.

Is it difficult to balance schoolwork and your work for the show?

Right now it is difficult, we’re very busy with taping. I do have 3 hours of school a day on the set though and I am taking some courses at the community college. I am currently a sophomore in High School, but hope to finish early.

What are some of your favorite subjects in school and do you have any hobbies?

My favorite school subject would have to be math. My favorite elective subjects would definitely be guitar and acting I love acting class. Some of my hobbies are playing the guitar; whenever I am on the set if I am not rehearsing then you can always find me somewhere playing my guitar. I also like surfing. I am also very excited about getting my license and I am looking at cars magazines all the time now.

What advice would you give to any teenager looking to pursue a career in acting or music?

Never give up and keep practicing. If this is what you really want to do then don’t let anyone stand in your way.

AJ, from all your 'Even Stevens' fans on TeenFX, thank you for this great interview. Good Luck & stay cool !!

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Lynn luvs Nelson 4ever 05-22-08
Hey AJ i think you look really hot and your pretty good at acting too.

Trisha Wise

Connor 05-21-08
Hey AJ, this is your second cousin. Never met u, but ur awesome. Whats up?

Tammy[ 04-28-08
Melt me,freeze me,or put me in a drink.Aj take me with you you hot sexy thing!

brittney 03-30-08
aj you are so hot and sexy you make me melt

wyat 05-25-07
hey im new can u give mesome tips.
if u think im a nobody i can see y.

Leeanna 09-27-06
i think your really,really.really ,really.fine i want to meet you but that would take
a miracle.

alisha 06-10-06
I think you are a good actor.but the show is a rerun again and again.

Shavon 03-10-06

christina 02-24-06
oh my god,you are so hot.and so talented.

michelle 01-15-06
hey i watch even stevens everday its awsome!!!!!

Lenny 11-16-05
u r really cool but do they even make new episodes of that show ne more

victoria 10-20-05
A.J is a regular person.He started off a regular person like us so he should
be to have fun any day of the week.xoxo

*Heather* 07-22-05
i :) the show Even Stevens i watch it every day !!! you are an awesome actor!!!! =)

Nicole 06-29-05
you got great hare

Sweet Thang 06-20-05
AJ, You are seriously worlds greatest actor I Love you so so so so so so so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luve always, Kayleigh

cassie 05-31-05
aj. hey i am a girl who is all about music and i sing and my band well i reallyy :) seeing u on dis but your thy only reson i wach it well i have to go so if any one wants im me i am 14/f/flint mi well my name is cassie andi hope to hear from u soon. but say i am from teenfx that aj stuff well bye everyone.....

°¤°xoxo°¤°Kai°¤°xoxo°¤° 05-11-05
your so hot

Jason 04-29-05
Hey AJ. You sound really cool. I am planning to become a musician, so hope you plan for me to take your spot! Just playing there AJ. I hope to see you before I become a musician (if I do) email me if you can get a chance to give me some hints:

Kristina 04-19-05

anita 03-11-05
I'm coming from the netherland so I can't speak englisch very well.
But I thing that I now. I :) AJ

anita 03-11-05
I have done a :) test and 96% I :) AJ

Randi 01-02-05
Hey AJ.....i totally :) you.....ur acting in even stevens is great and keep up the good werk........randi

Danielle 01-01-05
hi Im dee...I like your show its funny....I play guitar too if that means anything...I also play bass and piano and I scream...I bet you dont even read this stuff... one time thing anyways keep up the good work way to be you in your charactor.

daria 12-20-04
OMG you are like one of the hottest guys on the planet!!!! your on my "must marry" list. . yeah okay..well i :) seing you on tv and on disney channel stuff..thats seriously the only reason i watch that anymore. but you are better then disney, you should go with bigger will get you farther..just advice. well anyway your gorgous and i :) you!!!!!!! - daria

tracey 12-13-04
you are so HOTTT i :) you
so much and i cant wait for you
to do more i :) watching you on tv
i would like to date you

Michelle 11-25-04
k i have sumthing to say to the haters on this message board..k first of all get a life..dont go on to aj's site and diss him. Second..why r u even ON this site if u dont like him??? omg NO LIVES.. anyways im out x0x

Michelle 11-25-04
Hey AJ..its me again srry i just write that to see if it would work:P. SO i just wanna say ur SUCH an AMAZING actor..i luved even stevens (the only good show on disney channel..except RFR) anyways i think u should guest star on the OC!!! The BEST SHOW EVER..u would be so graet on it..and u could surf on it..since i know u luv it soo much..and u should also be on RFR!! U would be so great on it! and u could like be on the show with ur band so u could rock out..that would be so HOT! ..just like u. Ur such a cutie..and i hope u go way far in life!! baby i luv u!! x0xMichellex0x

Michelle 11-25-04
Hey AJ!
ur soo talented and i luv u

Lauren 10-30-04
I think you are very talented actor...I want to act so bad, but I've been told that my goofy personality will only allow me to go so far, but seeing you, I realise that I can have a goofy personality, but still be successful in an acting career. By the way, you are soooo adorable!

Nichole 10-09-04
Gosh just leave him alone. Stop with all the "u single" or "Ur sooo hot" and all those personal stuff, and its not even his show (no affence)!

alex 09-13-04
you are a cool person. do you were boxers or briefs.

KATHY 07-28-04
i have seen other sites like this with questions to the actors and honestly i dont believe it i have never been writen back in my life by an actor/actress so if this is for real someone confirm this cus it all seems like a bunch of bull

tiffany 07-26-04
aj, you are so awsome i have always wanted to be an actress/singer with the advice in ur interview thing i might actually consider working on it i got a guitar 4 christmas and im learning to play it . i think you r totaly awsome and one of my dreams is to 1) meet you and 2)be like you . oh and by the way you r really cute

3 always tiff

Baby 07-10-04
You are the est man/actor!!!!
You are my favourite teenactor :)))!!!

Kitty From Budapest!!!

Baby 07-10-04
You are the BEST!!!
I Love U!!!

Kitty from Budapest!!!!

Roxy 07-07-04

Roxy 07-07-04

AJ is sooooo HOT

Monica 06-29-04
You won't remember but my names Monica and I've sent you a few emails and letters and you've worte back too. But I think you're awesome and I :) all your shows and your movie. But I g2g, talk to you later cutie. ~Monica

Taryn 06-19-04
this boy is really cute not to mention really

norma 06-08-04
i :) you you are so hot !!!!

Krista 06-07-04
Hey you have anamazing talent! you are a great actor and i definatly give you props. but what's more amazing, is your music. i am in music myself. i don't think that i could ever do what you do. i envy you.

Alexa 05-22-04

I just wanna say i :) u . I think you´re really hot!!!
even stevens is the best tv show. You are a great actor !!!

tabitha 05-21-04
aj you are cool and so is ren you know i want to become a actor if you know what i mean so is life treating you cool or what.

holly 05-08-04
i had no idea you were from Las Vegas! wish i could have met you before u started filming "Even Stevens"

Renee 04-05-04
WOAH!!!!!! a lot of posts! You probably won't read this, but i agree with the other chicks ur a great actor and your show is funny. Ur show isn't my favorite and i don't watch it that often, but keep up the good work.

kelly 03-24-04
text hello hey i saw this site looking 4 acting things the reason y im doing this is becaues i am from sin city also wanting to be an actress well g2g :) lots *k*e*l*l*y*

:-) × n.i.k.i × :-) 02-19-04
Aj has got it goin on 4 sure!

Desiree 02-09-04
AJ is the cutesr person in the world

Juliana 02-07-04
aj is really cute but most of tha girls postin a comment have boyfriends soo yall should get a brain

Jeni 02-06-04
A.J I think you are soo hot.I also think you are a teriffic actor I try to watch Even Stevens everyday I can.

jennifer 02-05-04
and youre a bitch

sandra 01-30-04

kylie 01-25-04
aj your so hott god i luv u!

Micole 01-11-04
ooh A.J is so cute and he is so

<< hot >>

i think im in

<< :) >>

how bout you?

holly* 01-11-04
A.J u are really hott to start off with and u are an amazin actor yeah like ur really gonna read this but oh well! ur amazin!

veronica 01-01-04
ya right chelsea,stop lying!

chelsea 12-31-03
AJ u are the best actor ever!!!!!!!!!

anonomys 12-24-03
why do you losers wast your time drooling over him?hes not that cute and if hes on disney shows hes got to be a dork

michelle 12-20-03
susan we dont want to kiss your ugly flat a$$

susan 12-17-03
all ya'll girls are soo stupid. get a life and stop drolling off this guy! ya'll disgust me! and hes soo not cute/ hot! i seen cuter/ hotter! and my friend said this too. so if you mess with one of us your going to get it! so kiss my a**

Michelle 12-14-03
Sexxxxxy boi

Shawna 12-09-03
AJ I :) you!!!!!!!! Marry me!!!!!

Shawna 12-09-03
I am melting in the heat............... mmmmmmmmm he is so hot baby!!!!!!!!

Sara 12-08-03
oh my gosh he is soooooooooooooooooooooo

<< hot >>

michelle 11-15-03
hey a.j this is yo x-gurl. good luck wit everything

Laura 10-26-03
OMG!! are soo sexy!! I watch Even Stevens all the time just to see you!!
I :) You!!!

Lori 10-26-03
I think aj is a major babe.I :) him on Even Stevens and Kim Possible.

Jenna-lynn come and get me 10-26-03
hey aj my dad iz in the movie busness in fact today i have to go on set and so like i no what its like to wanna be on demand well my dad nos um ya he has helped in the movies left behind and things and the one he is working on now is called home beond the sun every one has to see it when it comes out o and ur such a cutie if he needs some1 to act or sing i will try to get him to call ur agen :) bye byez

*+* LiL AnGeL *+* 10-26-03
can't belive all these little girls who are going crazy for you and that one guy who asked you you could get him a date with me man thats some crazy stuff. well I think its about time to reply back to all these people and telll them how insaine they are for being in :) with you when they don't even know you. Take it from me girls the way he acts on t.v is totally different from how he acts in person.

I'm about to call you....

:) Me

Amanda 09-30-03
omg ur soo hot...can u get me shia's autogragh?

Melissa 09-18-03
hey man i think your show is really good i :) to watch it disney channel is the bomb you seem like a pretty down to earth kid!!!! keep up the good acting ur great at it....

Angela 09-12-03
He's mine!!!!

Megan 09-07-03
He is Such A good actor. I wish guys were like him!

Chelsey 09-07-03
Ever heard the word hot or even sexy?? It applies all the way to A.J. Whew

Kellie 09-07-03
Aj is so hot i have liked him ever since the started on Even Stevens

$$Michele$$ 09-02-03
kristina whatever. and casey myob bitch

SHELBY 08-17-03
Aj is sooo hot!!! he's a really good actor too. i :) seeing him on Even Stevens because i think he's even cuter when he acts really crazy.

nikki 08-16-03
AJ you are so cute!!

Lauren 08-16-03
ah AJ rules! Even Stevens is so funny and AJ is really talented and cute.

º×Baby Gurl׺ 08-16-03
omg AJ is so freakin cute!!! ugh!! .

gabriella 08-16-03
hey hott tho the tuxido pic is a lil too clean cut for me i like more of the bad boy style.

/Pen Name/ Misty 08-03-03
OMG I can't believe they interviewed him! He's from Disney Channel, I never thought they would interview someone off there, even though DC is cool...he looks good...maybe hot . Anyways I think he's a great actor and should be put in bigger then just Disney Channel movies...he's kinda dorky in Even Stevens. But AJ is soooo cool...yay....

Marni 07-30-03
mmmmmmmm he's hott

Tiffany 07-30-03
AJ, ur hot


Casey 07-25-03
michele is always saying something...she needs to grow up and mature some...or *#! off

Kristina 07-24-03
AJ is soooooo fine! and the gurl who said he's her boyfriend, gurl- u trippin'!

aMy 07-15-03
omg aj trauth is sho cute!!!

Shayla 07-06-03
AJ is HOT!!~~~

Michele 06-30-03
aj is my boyfriend so back off

Lacey 06-19-03
OMG He is like so hott!!!Hes funny in movies and TV and hes so gorgious. Id :) to meet him.. He seems nice.

Holly 06-16-03
AJ is so goshdern HOT!!!!! you people all stay away! he's mine!

Ryanna 06-07-03
Awww, AJ is such a cutie. I hope he stars in more movies.

Amy 05-29-03
Your like so hot I :) the Even Stephens Show but I only watch it just to see you act.I also watched the show

<< whatch out what you wish for, >>

I think your a great actor.Well have fun.
:) ya,
Amy Blanton

LouAnne 05-25-03
i think you are so good lookin and i just wish i could meet u sometime. i have always wanted to be a model and be on tv but the small town i live in its just probably not goin to happen. i just :) watching ur show cause your just so good lookin. well maybe if ur no busy maybe i might hear from ya!!!!!!!



GhettoSupaStar 05-13-03
AJ IS HOT!!! its too bad even stevens is getting canceled because that is the greatest show ever! I LOVE THAT SHOW!!!

Glenna 05-01-03
Aj hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot

Glenna 05-01-03
I :) you AJ
Please email me back.
I watch you ever night

~~ hotbaton  baby@

Marrie 04-27-03
I :) the show Even Stevens. I like watching it to see what lewis is going to do to his poor friends next. i :) Aj's part. I like how he isn't very smart (on the show) but he :)s to have fun. I think AJ is toooooooo cute. I would die to see him in person.I :) U AJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ashley 04-20-03
Hey whats up ?i thought i would write a message to ya ..but i figure you probably wont get to mine seeing that theres a mess a girls writing ya! ! Ya well i member when i saw you at the garden grove strawberry festival in like 2002 ..yup so i was like hey i recognize him ill write him a message except i have nothing to say! But you prob dont remember so anyway well i hope you have fun acting and keep doing what you :) ! asta! *AsHlEy AnNe*

camille 04-10-03
AJ is cute.

priscilla 04-04-03
I think AJ is really hot and i :) the even stevens its a great show. That interview was cool

Sarah 03-28-03
I think you are great on even stevens. Im a disney channel freak. But one of my two favorite shows is Even Stevens.

Laura 03-14-03
I really look up to you for sticking to your dreams of being an actor. I am glad that they came true for you. I just wanted to wish you the best that you will go far bieng a musician. I was wondering if you could E-mail me on any audtions you have for your show or for anything else b/c I really LOVE to act/sing. My E-mail is curlycottenca Yes I know "cotten" is supposed to be spelles"cotton" well i got to go now so later.

Brittany 02-20-03
aj I LOVE U!!!!!! u r so hot!!!! ur really funny on tha show!!!! and i :)d ur movie "u wish" i like ur hair un tha show insted like on tha movie when it's all shaggy and stuff, i just wanted 2 say I LOVE U!!!!!!!!

Amy 02-15-03
Please get some muscles before wearing that shirt.

Wally West 02-09-03
man you're cool and all but it seems like you're in Shia Le Beouf's shadows. Sorry man but it's true.

...TRiCK... 02-09-03
you're gay.

Melissa 02-07-03
I :) AJ Trauth! He has great talent and is a total hottie!!!

CheerNSballDiva 02-04-03

Besides Disney are you on any other shows??

Laura 01-21-03
luv ya aj

Laura 01-21-03
hey everyone! i just wanna tell you guys u all better go aj's bands site can listen to a sample of two of his song and their really good.also hes got an official website u should check out

Strawberry 01-14-03
AJ you're really hot!

Molly 01-14-03
haha hey you prolly will like never read all these dumb comment things cuz i didnt and you prolly wont even get on this wed site again! haha but hey if ya do I :) the show Even Stevens its so funny! U guys remind me of me and my best friends cuz we are like really dumb all the time haha not sayin that thats a bad thing! but keep up the good work and keep being a qt!! hehe luv yas! ~Molly

Drew 01-14-03
You're really funny in Even Stevens and all, but could you get me a date with Christy Carlson Romano? Just joking around of course, but good luck with your future plans and continue to be funny on Even Stevens.

.:.*~*AnGeL*~*.:. 01-14-03
hey i think that AJ is awesome. i :) the show even stevens and i really :)d the movie you wish that he was in. PLUS AJ is really hot. i am pretty sure that what he said that he wants to b 10 years from now will come true. luv ya AJ!!

Laura 01-12-03
i just wanna know to all of u who r giving out their e-mail addresses has he actually e-mailed u back?

Anna 01-08-03

Jennifer 12-31-02
He is so awsome! I :) watching Even Stevens everyday.

LeAnna 12-24-02
OMG!!!! What is evrybody having a fit over he might be cute but you dont have to have a cow about it! Like he will read what you say!

Erin 12-22-02
Aj, if you ever read this, I want you to answer my question or maybe TeenFX can. Do people ever come up to you in crowds and stuff and call you by character's names you play instead of your real name? Oh and I think you are totally and hot.

~";!:Brittany~`:" 12-06-02
hey AJ! I :) Even Stevens!! I must look like such a dork when i watch cuz i just sit there all by myslef crackin up at everything you and Luise (sp?!?!) do!! hahaha You guys are so funny! Call me sometime! haha Bye!!

Babyshawty 12-06-02
hey i think aj is a great actor and i watch the show even stevens its a great show. Aj is hot for his age.

KatieKat 12-02-02
hahahaha Look at all these dumb girls sweatin your n*uts dude. Dont you feel all special and shyt. Well anyways ha!

?????? 11-01-02
Hey AJ,
isn't christy lil'angel.....
So when you going back home to lv ???
when you do come see me. I have been waiting to see you, every time I call your dad says that you aren't there and that you are working so dude come home and spend tyme with us ok.... umm.... what's up with all these little fans that's annoying i ahve fans but damn boy jsut like linsey said dude if you ever want to get married just snap your fingers any chick wouild wanna marry you and that gurl talking bout how she luvs my baby shila what a bitch this is yur thing not his ohh and so when we going to gyo anywhere is is kinda hard going anywhere in public cuz people alwayz want atographs so yeah we should find a resterant aht we canhave for the day without any publicity
Luv ya babe,
alwayz and forever..
hugs and smuches

LiL' AnGeL 11-01-02
Hey Aj,
What's up my home fri haven't seen ya in hella long and omg you must have over 1 million fans so how is your break can't wait top see ya at the p hot -o -shoot tell peter I said hi cuz isn't he staying home ohh and what is up with your phone it is just going crazy... your bro must have forgot who i was cuz her was like aj can't except phone calls from fanz but it aint like i am a fan dude what is up with him damn so you going to be there on saterday hopefuilly Ohh and christy is here and she wanted to say call me dude you know my number cuz my birthday si coming up and I was thinking bout crashing at your place
By babe

Alyssa 10-26-02
AJ Trauth is so hot!!!!!text

Elyshia 10-25-02
A.J. i think ur soooo

<< hot >>

!! ur character on even stevenz is rilly funnie! i wish i could act like u but i can't cuz i'm kinda shy so...ya but i think ur

<< cool >>

Hope 10-13-02
I :) Even Stevens so much! AJ is so hot,its the best show ever

~*~Rach~*~ 09-27-02
AJ is so hot!!!!

LiL' AnGeL 09-26-02
OMG.... Aj if you ever read this
I just wanted to say thank you so much for that picture
I really :)d it
call ya sometime

Melissa 09-22-02
i think AJ is sooo hot!! i luv hiz character on even stevenz. hez so funnyl!!! he seemz like a kool kid in real life! i wish i could be talented like that! i can sing & dance but i wish i could act like that 2! haha! well good luck wit ur career aj! i wish ya the best!! cya!

Stacey 09-14-02
hey i dont wana start this all OMG but u are a very talented actor i admirer (spelling?) ur work and detication to the show and everthing else u do! if u do read this plz email me at much :) to ya!

Maegan 09-10-02
Hi again. I just wanted to tell all you girls out there who've replied to this: AJ probably will never read this so all of you drooling over him have pretty much written "you are so so so so so hot!!!!!!!!" just to entertain others reading this interview. No offense, because I agree, I just don't think he'll read it so what's the point in wasting your time writing all that? I mean, has he e-mailed any of you girls?? He hasn't even replied on this. I know if someone wrote all this really nice stuff (from most of you) about me, I'd be replying and thanking all of you. I know no one's going to listen to me, but really, don't you think I'm right about this? But you go on ahead; I'm glad to see such dedicated fans! :)

Maegan 09-10-02
Hi. I really :) the show 'Even Stevens.' It's a great, funny television program. You're really young to have so much responsibility. :) I hope you get a great car. Keep up the great work! You're an awesome actor; don't let anyone tell you anything different. Bye!

Kat 08-30-02
How eggzactly does he look like hes tring to be punk. Its a picture...??? and a few sentences about his career, big woop!

SHANNON! 08-25-02
this kid looks like he's 12? and also looks like quite a queer

Lori 08-23-02
I have a huge crush on Aj Trauth.I am 18 years old and I :) him.I think he is such a hottie

Chrissy 08-20-02
all I have to say is.....HOLY HOTNESS!!!!!!!

shyla 08-16-02
Hey....older girls like AJ too. I am 21 and I got to agree he is cute for a 15 year old

sara 08-12-02
omg i :) aj in even stevens the nightmare room and mysterious museum. i hope his new move comes out really soon. i was born in chicago too i wonder where aj was born? if aj looks at this my email is

Orange 08-10-02
hey aj i just want to say that every time even steven is on i watch is. my friends and want to know what kinda name is twiddy or how ever you spell it. any ways you are really hot!

Sarah 08-07-02
hey aj! whats up? well i just wanna say i wuv you * god i sound stupid* and you're the hottest and talented actor i've ever seen! if you happen to look at this site email me: xxhbgrl2xtrem  exx@aol  .com...bye!!! *muah*

joyceleen 08-06-02
hey shannon you shouldn't talk cause we never seen how you look before and plus if we were to see you we'd still think aj's fine

joyceleen 08-06-02
Hey aj I really think your fine as hell keep up the good looks.........good luck in your career

Christine 07-24-02
Oh yea...silllllyyy me..If your ever in Philly and want to hang out...I will deffinatly show you around the city! all the skate parks..and Zipperhead on Southstreet is the best.. e-mail me...phillyte  ase@

Christine 07-24-02
Hey, your a cutie...People say I look like Ren from even I decided to look at this interview. I just wanted to c which one ya are..and you deffinatly look like a little punkster..and thats a thumbs up! LoL...Support you local punks in Philly... L8er Love yah Hottie! Chrissy

SHANNON! 07-24-02
this kid is really a wannabe punk like keri said,and the kid is lanky too.He needs to get his ass to a gym and lift,and i will prove that i am better looking than this lanky wannabe punk.He has no talent at all and that is why he probebly is gay and has no girls!

Heather 07-23-02
hey aj i think u are a great actor and really fine u have a grat character in even stevens and i think u play it well also i cant beleive ur a musican thats HOTT always stay COOL, FUNNY , SWEET, and HOTT

Heather 07-23-02
hey aj i think u are a great actor and really fine u have a grat character in even stevens and i think u play it well also i cant beleive ur a musican thats HOTT always stay COOL, FUNNY , SWEET, and HOTT        HOTT    COOL   FUNNYHOTT

Angela 07-22-02
God! Come on. Kerri and Shannon give him a break okay! Youre allowed your own opinions but if theyre as b!tchy as that keep them to yourselves. Especially you Shannon. He's who he is and if you dont like it go jump off a cliff. I think he's very hot and sounds like a great and talented guy so just grow up a'right. Keep up the good work AJ!

Kerri 07-22-02
I totaly agree with Shannon.. This dude is ok, but he is a try to be PUNK!! I MEAN HELLO!!! WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE! All he is, is a little try to be punk who doesnt even look like one

SHANNON! 07-22-02
this kid is a little punk,hey everyone im in a gay tv show and i play the gutair.And the little punk has no muscle unlike me i am jacked and am not a little punk,and all u girls that like him your prob all ugly girls cause he's a little ugly punk! haha

KIKI 07-22-02
hey aj babe, last time u were in town we only got to chill for a night but it was awesome. it is sooo funny cing these girls go crazy over u. if they only knew wut u did for ws good honey! even though i turned in the v card to ya i think we should stay friends for awhile. i dunno nm, screw we had a hella good time. oh yea, u rock my world!!!! luv always, ur sweetie

Tracie 07-18-02
you are my all time favorite actor. I play aiocustic guitar but I'm just learning how. I would luv for you to e-mail me at or muddoriginalz@ also not to sound superficial or anything but I do want you to know you are totally hot.

Christina 07-17-02
omg u r so hot!!!!!!!!

Sara 07-14-02
omg u r such a hottie mc hott hott!!!

Sharon Jungfer 07-13-02
You are DROP DEAD SEXY!!!!!!

Cecelia 07-10-02
Hey! Ya know thats cool you speak your mind, good to be like that. That Even Stevens show is great your a good actor keep it up and you will get some where in life.

Kayla 07-08-02
u r so hot!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julia 07-06-02
Aj, I watch Even stevens everyday Just to see you
I am A huge fan of your's and I :) you.
will you e-mail me please?My e-mail address is FoxyFlirt367@
You are my angel and I would be very happy if you e-mailed me

~*Animalia*~ 06-26-02
Hey, AJ you make the Even Stevens show funnier then it already is! I really want to act but I can't find a way to get there. I also :) the guitar I think it's cool,but I don't know how to play it. Email me if you want I get bored easily: TTYL

Renee 06-24-02
u r soooooooooooo  ooooooo  ooooooo  ooooooo  ooooooo  ooooooo  oooooooooooooooo hot!!!!!!! i just wanted 2 know what a.j. stood 4? my e-mail address is
plez e-mail me!!!!!!!!!!

misty 06-23-02
i :) shia labaff, or how ever you spell his name, luis stevens, on even stevens. hes so hott and a GREAT actor. i :) watching even steven just to see him. he was cut wen he was little and then know that his all grown up hes hott!!!!!!

Linday D'Errico 06-18-02
Hi AJ it is Lindsay D'Errico, ha ha i was just reading your lil fan's comments to you, how sweet and cute! Geez if you wanted to get married all you have to do it snap your fingers and that lil amy girl will come a running! but ne way i am talking to kala reimers right now and we thought we should drop a line! wow you are a very busy boy with all your money making chances and school and your music, man me and kala are stuck working and going to school! i read that you are going to graduate early and you are going to community college, thats aswesome, so am i! well i just want to congradulate you and tell ya we think of you! talk to you later if you want and get a chance e-mail, next time you come back to vegas we should hang out last time you were here i called but your dad said you had just left! luv ya babe!

Lizzy 06-16-02
Oh my, why can't the guys in my school look like that! *SSSsssss* Hottie!!!

Brina 06-16-02
Hey! AJ stands for Andrew James. He has the cutest name! And I really do think that its stupid of "whats-her-name" to state that she's a model, thinking that AJ would go out with her because of that. I doubt he reads the comments from any websites on him. Thats just my opinion, but I bet its true. Lata everyone!

Kelly 06-14-02
Has AJ ever been in anything NOT DISNEY because i swear I've seen him in something else. Has he ever done a movie before, not a disney one. Or in a series not on the disney channel?

Sydney 06-12-02
I REALLY want to start a career in's like my dream. I also am an actor and musician. I play piano and flute, and try to act as often as I can. Unfortunately, I live in a small town where there aren't many acting opportunites. I was wondering if anyone knew of any openings...or if you could help me. this is truly my dream and I've always wanted to pursue it..I would appreciate it :D Thanks


~Ashley~ 06-12-02
Hey you are cute! And I hope you get what you want in life and good luck with your showe

Vanessa 06-12-02
does ne 1 know what A.J. standz 4?????

Kt 06-12-02
hottie is he ...yea i say even stevens rox and i :) twitty!!!! tweety

CRISTA 06-07-02
ok all ya girls hes really hott and stuff but he is to involved in his work that giving him your mail welll he will probabbly never e-mail you back sorry to burst your bubble oh yeah he might sound nice and stuff but he can always just be a nother snobby guy i mean i'aint hating its just commen sensence most stars are sweet on tv but can be real itiots in real life but if he is the real thing then my props to him

Tany!! 06-05-02
Hey! My name is Tany! Aj seems to be such a cool guy, he has a great career and a band PLUS HE IS HOTT! Well my email address is genuinesweeti if you wanna chat or whatever! Much Love! and good luck in the acting and band scene!

Rosa 06-01-02
AJ Trauth is sooooooo HOT! I watch Even Stevens all the time. AJ if U read this, Email me please. Love ya!

jeanette 05-27-02
hey hes kinda cute....pretty hair :)

Jenny 05-26-02
I used to watch Even Stevens, but it got boring. . . But, it was okay, I suppose.

melissa 05-24-02
You are so sexy! I :) you! You are so cool! I mean you are great on Een Stevens! You are so funny! Any girl who goes out with you is so lucky! I would die if I went out with you! Your number one!!!

CJ 05-24-02
I just what to know what A.J. stands for?
Cee_Jay  _Bee@

CJ 05-24-02
I just what to know what A.J. stands for?

Brit 05-24-02
ahh it went all whacked....WE  STBEACH  _CHICK6  9_420@HOTMAIL.COM

Brit 05-24-02
Hey, its me again i just posted the comment below and i forgot to give you my email address! wesbeach_chic  k69_420  @ hotmai!

Brit 05-24-02
Hey!! wow, all i have to say is that you're a GREAT musician....not only are you a hardworking guy but you're majorly good looking! all i have to say is keep up the good work hottie!!!

Kera 05-24-02
Hey AJ! I just wanted to let you know that I think you are an awsome actor. Keep up the good work!

Kayla 05-24-02
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!I :) AJ so much he is such a hottie

Isaak 05-24-02
OMG! I'm sooo glad I have this opportunity, you are so my reason for living, man. Look, I don't wanna come off the wrong way... but are you into guys at all? (or 17-year old Jewish boys!) I mean, don't get me wrong here... but if you wanna get together sometimes call me or something...

Jessica 05-19-02
julie, are you trying to say that just because you're a model he would go for you before he went for someone else on this? that is so stupid.

Julie 05-18-02
Hey Aj,
I just wanted you to know that i am not just a fan i am a model and i would like to get to know you so if you are ever in california tell me maybe we can get together some time .because you rock my world
E-mail me at


Amber 05-16-02
Hey Aj i think that it is cool you are living out his dreams.
And i hope to fulfill mine  text    text   texttext

Chrissy 05-14-02
I just wanted to saay that you are a very talented musician and maybe if you read this you should email me at
freakybab  e567@ I hope your talent goes far for you.
Thanks for reading
Love chrissy

lindsey 05-13-02
Hi AJ! I think ur so so cute!!!!!

Amy 05-13-02
oh my god AJ you are so Hott!! I :) you so much. your biggest fan Amy

~SeXyChIkA~ 05-06-02
Hey AJ you are such a hot guy!Its so cool that you can balnce everything like your show music schoolwork and still keep cool!If you ever see this email me at bebedolli@ hot!Later!

Felicia 05-04-02
AJ is so fine and I would :) to meet him and have his e-mail added.

kristen 05-03-02
AJ seems like a really great guy. I didn't expect hime to write back to me when i wrote to him, but he did. I guess he proves to people that even actors who are idols to so many kids and teens can still keep a level head. I think he really is a good role model. He's also hot, but...

Latisse 04-23-02
AJ is a total hottie. He is a great actor and a total hottie. . I LOVE YOU AJ. I hope to see you on more shows soon. You need a more mature audience to go with you younger one. E-mail me if you read this; volley4life16  @ YOU ARE SO HOT!

Christina 04-22-02
I agree with Jessica

Jessica 04-20-02
hey, no offense to you girls on here, i mean he is REALLY hot, but that's not ALL there is to a guy...and why would you want to marry someone you don't even know? that's crazy.

Cathryn 04-20-02
aj rocks to high heaven! -no further comments needed-

Amy 04-16-02
wow will you marry me?? i mean u are one talanted actor, probably wonderful musician(i wouldnt know maybe u should show me) hehe and dam ur HOTT!!!!! If ur single my e-mail is conemccaslins wow ur soo hot and just WOW! I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!

Someone :) 04-14-02
all i hafta say is DANG!! Boy you are so well rounded. Looks, intelligence(i'm pretty sure :) ) music and acting talent!! You are definetly lucky!! I hope to come into acting and music too,( i doub i will :) lol). Do you read these replies or no?? Well if you do, and if you have da time ( which i doubt you will :) ) then pleassse email me Good Luck!!

amanda 04-14-02
opps i forgot to put @ okay its and ur hott!!

amanda 04-14-02
oh my god boy ur hott... shott .. lol welp i like the show and as hot as u are it should be juss about u.. daaannnng lol i think im in love haha ... email me which u probably wont but other people were leaving the email so im gonna be cool and leave minez to ... cindylouwho2388

Kohaku 04-10-02
Hey! I love the Show Even Stevens. I got 'hooked' on it because the stevens family is just like mine- somewhat disfunctional, with a little insanity thrown in. Anyway. Thanks for being part of the show that portrays my life so well!

Alexis 04-08-02
I know, I'm just another fan sending you the same old stuff you probably get everyday, but you are really talented. I hope you get far with what you want to do in life because you deserve it. With all you must have to deal with everyday, I must tell you, its really paying off. You are the coolest actor, the best musician and the cutest guy ever! Never give up! T.C.C.I.C. (Take care cuz I care) - Alexis Eddy

Alexis 04-08-02
AJ you are soo talented! I will be famous someday, and maybe I'll get to meet you. Oh and by the way, you're soo cute!

LINDSEY 04-08-02

LINDSEY 04-08-02

autumn 04-07-02
hi im autumn and im a huge fan of yours.i wacth even stevens every week .well i try to atleast.i think your cast is so cool . every one seems to like each other. you r really cute . i know im just another fan but i think you accomlishments are so great. i just wanted to tell you .thanx for being a great actor .bye.autumn

Lauren 04-02-02
GEEZ! I just got done watching Even stevens the one where Louis is searching for his SNL tape lol. Anyywas i think you are sooooooooooo hot lol!

Brittney 04-02-02
Hey AJ!! just wanted to tell you that you're really talented. you seem like a really cool, down-to-earth guy and i'd like to talk to you. please email me at i love the show and good luck in the future!!! --Brittney

I love this show! It's one of my favorites. And I think it's amazing that they got nominated for an Emmy!

Amy 03-26-02
I think that you are so hot I want you so bad i watch you every week

Aspen 03-23-02
What a hottie! I haven't seen the show yet, but I'll try to see it soon. :)

Emma 03-22-02
well i as never erd of u and never want u so u look like a geek u r da wekest link bye!!!!!!!

Ashley 03-22-02
One word:URSOHOTTANDANAWESOMEACTOR!!! ok that was more like six but thats how it sounds when i said it when i saw AJ's pic

Alicia 03-16-02
A.J, u r ssssssssoooooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!! i love your show. it's funny and i watch it just for you!!!!!!!!!!!! if u ever get/read this e-mail me at . i hope your single (hahahaha) alicia

Denise 03-10-02
Hey. I think it's really cool that you go for what you want to do. Not many people can do that. Guitars rock!!! I've never watched your show but it sounds real cool. P.S-You're cute

Sammi 03-04-02
Wow that was an awesome interview. I love that show even stevens. Thanks!

Candice 03-01-02
i think you are really hot and i would die if i could meet you i watch the show just for you!

Candice 03-01-02
i think you are really hot and i would die if i could meet you i watch the show just for you!

Jennifer 03-01-02
Wow, there's a lot of comments here! But no wonder-you're gOrGeOuS!!!! I love Even Stevens! I watch it on the Family Channel and I saw the "Battle of the Bands" episode and it was awesome! I'm in grade 8 but I live in Newfoundland . . . in Canada. 2 bad ur sooo far away:( I love singing but I don't think I'd ever make it as a musician.

Erin 02-27-02
He is so hot! so sexy! such a good actor! I am not even in the right "age group" to be wating his show, but I saw some of it the other night and he acts real on the show. You are gonna grow up to be an awsome actor like Leo Decapreio and Johnathan Brandis. Got you show out too on valentines day...thanks! I hear that you are really tight with TeenFX, so I guess I will be seeing you on the site more :)

Charmelle 02-27-02
A.J. I think that you are great role model for teenagers today ,keep up the good work.

claralyn 02-25-02

Sunny 02-25-02
he IS the cutest thing!! I would LOVE to meet him!!

Case 02-24-02
man..he is so cute! i wouldnt mind meeting him!well thats my dream!hehe

Angel 02-22-02
He is SeXy SeXy So HoT!

Heather 02-22-02
umm can we say SEXY! Damn hes hott.

Kaitlin 02-19-02
I know you will never read this but u are the hottest guy ever! and i NEVER miss the show!

bridget 02-18-02
omgg i am soo happy that u did an interview with this cutie! i am such a fan of the disney channel and when i started watching even stevens..i needed 2 knoe twittys and louis's name so i searched online but i couldnt find anything on twitty. im so glad u interviewed him because he is soo cute..good luck with ur fame..ill be watching for you :)

Nikki 02-16-02
Uhh oh yeah, my e-mail address would be

Nikki 02-16-02
Hey, that would be cool if you could e-mail me too! Only if you have time, though. I've been watching Even Stevens since it began, and haven't been able to track down your info! I'm 15 as well, and have the same interests. Keep rockin!

Rachel 02-16-02
Such a sweetie..:)

Serena 02-15-02
u r soooo hott! I always watch the show! hope all your dreams happen!

Jenna 02-15-02
Wow, you are very attractive and seem like a cute guy! But i'm not gonna drool over you... I have a man, and your only 15, and i'd never get you anyway... your famous! But good luck in life cutie..... :)

Erin 02-15-02
you are sweet.

jessica 02-15-02
i've never seen Even Stevens is it american but ssssssssoooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lorna 02-14-02
my email is

Lorna 02-14-02
hey u r such a good as actor and I hope that u do end up going where u want to be in 10 yers

Beth 02-13-02
Aww your a cutie, im glad theres finally articles on new comers to the world of talent (cuz as i see your very talented) I mean its usually interviews on the same band or same actor/actress and im finally gettin a look at the new comers and let me tell you this is definatly one i am NOT complaining about lookin at you are def. a hottie and you see very down to earth and like you have an amazing personality...Too bad you live in LV or Cali where ever lol WHERE ARE ALL THE GOOD BOYS?? ppl- ne questions comments (

Laura 02-13-02
Hey AJ! You r pretty cute. was wondering if you can e-mail me sometime. I would like to get to know you. My e-mail is

Laura 02-13-02
Hey AJ! You r pretty cute. was wondering if you can e-mail me sometime. I would like to get to know you. My e-mail is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda 02-13-02
Omg when i saw this pictuire i flipped this guy is soooooooo hott! i printed it and showed allmy friends, hubba hubaa

diane 02-10-02
I don't understand how did you get discovered? obviously living i lasvegas has its ups but was it a struggle or purely u were at the right place at the right time?

Haley 02-08-02
i think the show is hilarious. you guys make me think of me and my BEST friend. you guys crack me up. snoochie boochies

Chelsea 02-08-02
All I can Say is H-O-T-T-I-E! HOTTIE! Luv ya alwayz, Butterfly.

Taryn 02-08-02
You are such a HOTTIE!!!! I watch the show and it is really good exspecially when you are on it. If you get a chance how about if you e-mail me at I would LOVE to get to know you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Morgan 02-08-02
Hey we think yooou rrrr a total hottie!!!! Love the show!! LUV YOU

rene 02-08-02
U R SOOOOOOOO incredibly HOT HOT HOT!!!!!! I always what ur show!!!!

Carmelle 02-08-02
wow, you are hot. I havent yet seen your show or heard anything about you. You sound like a busy boy, good luck!

Kati 02-08-02
you are a very good actor and i bet the same as a musician.... ur hot also!

Colleen 02-08-02
I love your show and damn are u hot

Eve 02-08-02
I think that's great you wanna be a musician me too! But I'm not as advanced in writing music yet, I don't play guitar but I"ve played piano for 7 years! Good Luck in whatever you do!

Cassie 02-08-02

amanda 02-07-02
wow!!!u r so cute...........i love ur show

korry 02-06-02
oh my God!!!! u r sooooo hott!!! ANd i luv the guitar and the last pic on the page!!! u r sooooo sexy!!!!!

Poonam 02-05-02
The show's kool.

Poonam 02-05-02
The show's kool.

Erin 02-05-02
Cool show. I just saw it the other day for the first time. you are hot!

bryan 02-02-02
your cool

Wishes 02-02-02
Everyone's saying that your show is their favorite. Well it may be great, but I don't believe one of them. Frankly, I've never seen any one of your shows. (we don't have a tv) You are cute though. Well got to go.

L 02-01-02
ur really cute and i love your show! its really funny

Ed the Sock 02-01-02
i haven't seen the show, but u r hot, that is all i wanted to say. lol

Stephanie 01-31-02
i wonder if he'll really read these¿?¿?¿?

Foxy 01-30-02
hey i noticed all these girls are sayin ur fine and stuff like that but u are but thats not what i'm sayin i think that ur gonna make it in the big time that is what everyone tells me cause i have been acting since i was 4 thats a long time 9 years but i need help gettin there cause i live in nebraska hastings and my name is stacia but no one will help me so i guess i need to choose a new carrier good luck with ur future k- bubye

¢hrïštý 01-30-02
I want you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey what year u in in High school? You go for older chicks? I'm a sophomore!

Ashley 01-30-02
Hey AJ You are soo very good looking...i also watch Ray Stevens with my cousins that live next are cute in that show it some what suits you...I would just like to say that i have been in modeling and now i am trying is singing and dancing, I have been in dancing for 12 years all you really have to do to keep your dreams up is to face the world forget all the things that has happened in the past and start new dont give up!! If you would like to talk i am sign in name is Ashleyberry!!

missy 01-29-02
'even stevens' is awesome, and you are a great actor. i used to act and model, but i stopped when i was little. i think it's great that you get to incorporate your love for music into the show. i play guitar too. do you have a band? what inspires you to write your songs? they're good. well, if you ever want to talk, you can im me. sicknsad13.

Erika 01-29-02
you are sooooo cute! i love your show. I never miss one!!

~*Krissy*~ 01-29-02
LOL! i love a.j *in a nonobsessive way* lol! he so reminds me of my boyfriend. he seems like a great guy, 2 bad he lives in L.A is hella famous, and i will probably neva get 2 talk 2 him *even online* but if he went 2 my skool ithink he would b a person i would hang out wit *not because hes famous and hella hott* he seems so down 2 earth. LOL! on his website girlz r like i love a.j and u'r so hott and hes like thank u every1 4 supportin me its so funny.

alana 01-29-02
heeey~ even stevens is a super show! and the disney channel is always awesome, i dunno what some of you are talking about. but yah, good show, cool interview, blah blah blah, even stevens!

katie 01-29-02
Hey, Even Stevens is a pretty funny show, dispite the fact that it is on Disney. I'm the only senior i know that watches it, so i don't admit it much(no offense!). I new you weren't as young as the role you played. Good luck with the show and keep going with the music! Guitar rocks!

Erin 01-29-02
AJ, u r SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, so cute! i love u in Even Stevens! that's one of my fav. shows! i want to be an actress so much! i wish i could be on a show like that or sumthin. that woul;d be so cool. i think it would be so cool if i got to be on Even Stevens, even if it wuz just for one episode. i've never tooken acting classes before, and i don't now, cuz i do cheerleading, like competition cheering, and i think i would be a pretty good actress. it's pretty weird how ur a somphmore in HIGH school and u play a 7th grader. im in eight grade. i bet u have all the girls after u! i would just be so happy if i saw, and got to meet u! that would be sooooo,so cool! well g2g...if u wanna chat more, IM me at rockerbaby601, or e-mail me at

Laura 01-29-02
Your Cute! Keep it up!! I love acting! I also model.

Janet 01-29-02
Yep, I think he is single. How could he possibly have a girlfriend? When would he have time to be with anyone? He's probably on the set all the time for the show. So HOT!

irma 01-29-02
I love 'Even Stevens' sooo much, it's a cool show. AJ Trauth is a great actor, and so cute!! single????

Kayla 01-29-02
I remember the "Battle of the Bands" episode, they showed it the other day or something. You actually wrote that song!?! I write every once in a while but I'm no where near that good. I LOVE THAT SONG!

COURTNEY 01-29-02
Wow, I love your show. You're so cute!!!!

BLOWOUT 01-29-02
LOL never seen it either .... o well ...

Erin 01-28-02
You are really hot on the show ! My sister and I watch the show all the time.

Markia 01-28-02
Cool!! I've seem your show. It's a really good show.

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