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Beu Sisters

..... Candice - Christie - Jilaine - Danielle .....
It was great to meet and hear these talented and beautiful sisters who are really awesome! Their debut album, 'Decisions' will be in stores October 8, 2002 !
Good Luck from all your fans at

How did you first become involved with singing? What inspired you to pursue a singing career?

Our parents were both in show business. As long as we can remember, we have always been backstage.
Our mom has encouraged us and has always been supportive of our dreams. She works with us on our voices.

What is it like to sing with your sisters? Are there benefits?

It's the most amazing thing! First of all, it is wonderful to share something as exciting as this with family. There is no competitive jealousy. When we are on the road we are with our family. Many singers miss their family a lot. Even Britney Spears complains that she doesn't see enough of her younger sister. But we are always together, so it's really nice. We are lucky enough to have that little bit of home even when we are away from home.

And on top of that, I don't think there is anything like family harmonies. We are all from the same gen pool. Everybody has their own vocal quality, but together our harmonies blend well. This is something you can't get if it's manufactured.

We started singing together around 8 years ago. We have four sisters in the group and a younger sister who is 9 years old who is not in the group YET. We also have a half sister who is 4 years old and three brothers.

The four of us started off with country music with our mom. She was the backbone to our music career.

How do you handle your school work?

Danielle is the only one in school right now. She is 15 years old. Everybody has been home schooled for the past 5 years.

Do you have boyfriends? And if you do have a relationship, how does it mix with your music career?

Candice has a boyfriend, but the rest of us are open! We are trying to experience this experience to the fullist. Candice's boyfriend tries to come along when he has time.

What other hobbies do you all enjoy?

Candice, is an amazing artist. She does pastels, oils and water colors. A lot of her art work is on our web site and on our album as well.

Jilaine, designs her own clothes! She is also a great cook!

Danielle loves cats and boys when she doesn't have too much homework.

Christy is a surfer. In 2000, Christy won the East Coast Championship for the National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA) in Florida. She loves the movie Blue Crush.

What type of music do you listen to?

We are all pretty well-rounded. We listen to country, pop, jazz, and just about everything else. Michael Franks, James Tyler, Beach Boys, Areosmith, Billy Joel, Alica Keys, Mariah Carey, N'SYNC, and Sublime have all influenced us along the way.

There are a lot of teenagers who are interested in pursuing music careers, what would you recommend to them or warn them about?

This is definitely a hard business. It is a long road to get here. But it is worth every bit of it! It's a heart breaking business. There is rejection that you have to deal with every day. If you are going to do it, you have to want it so bad that it hurts. That you can't imagine doing anything else, but that. If that is how you feel about it, then absolutely go for it!

Believe in yourself and be yourself. And don't let other people manipulate you into being something you are not. That is a big thing in music right now. Go for your own image. Trust yourself and that will get you further than anything else.

When is your album going to be released?

Our debut album 'Decisions' is coming out on Oct. 8th! Our single, 'I Was Only (Seventeen)' is already in stores. We just finished shooting a video for it that will hopefully be on MTV and VH1!

What would you like to say to the TeenFX teens?

Vote for us on TRL! We like to be silly and have fun, and we would like to invite the whole world to share that fun with us. We hope you like our music and that it becomes a part of people's lives.

Is there anything else you would like to add in this interview?

Yes, our parents divorced about 10 years ago. It was a heart breaking time and many other teens experience this as well. It is not an easy thing to do. We were able to focus on music, but many other teens turn to drugs and other negative ways of trying to relieve the pain and frustration. So if you can, grab onto something that you enjoy like sports or music and focus on it.

Music is what helped us through the hard times. Live in the present, don't get hung up on things in the past, and don't worry about the future!

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I'm sexy 05-05-08
You guys rock!!!!I :) your songs.

Shannon 01-06-07

neja 06-21-05
I've never heard any of their songs. I'd be interested in hearing them, though I've noticed I don't like any of their favorite bands/singers.

Bret 08-29-04
who the hell are these ppl

Keisha 04-23-04
Who is this I didn't even know that they exsisted until this so what the heck!!!!!!!

Dallas 01-05-04
I :)d your album 'Seventeen'. Have you anything planned for the near future?

.:*MegaStar*:. 09-23-03
I think they are really good singers and they seem like great, nice people. They are all gorgeous too! I agree with the advice they gave.

XoXo Ashley
http:  //

Cassandra 08-28-03
I just had to write to say that last year my boyfriend and I met The Beu Sisters after Mayfair, a totally free concert in Allentown, PA, and these girls were the nicest you could meet. They stayed afterwards to sign autographs and were so down to earth and really took time to talk to us even though they weren't getting paid to be there. They have beautiful voices and are wholesome. They are great role models for girls and it is so refreshing to see a family so close. We also met the youngest sister and the uncle. They even remembered my boyfriend when he met them a second time when they signed autographs at the mall. We :) them and recommend their albume!

*~*§weety-Bee~*~ 08-23-03
I just saw that the LizzieMacGuire video and DVD is out in stores. Must get it.

~!~Pumpkin~!~Pie~!~ 08-04-03
I Didn't Hear about the Beu Sisters till their track "You Make Me Feel Like A Star" on the Lizzie McGuire movie, I :)d that song, and found out more about the sisters, and have most of their songs!, their songs rock! i can't wait till the cd comes out!

beeba 07-23-03
hey iv never head of u guys but now i definetly do. i think.... . after reading your interview i thihnk i really think ill like ur music !!!!!!!!!!u guys soooo cool!!!!!

Julie 07-07-03
Hey Everyone! I'm Julie! I like your comments about the Beu Sisters and will make sure they see them if they haven't already. You should visit their message board b/c they DO come to visit and respond to us. go to www.thebeusis Hope to see ya there!

Jim 05-30-03
The Beu Sisters Live In Concert in Los Angeles!
July 19 & 20th Weekend 2003
The Queen Mary Event Park - Long Beach / Los Angeles
at the Los Angeles Calendar Motorcycle Show
details at: http://www.Fa  stDates  .com/BIKESHOW.HTM

Ryelii 05-25-03
I've never heard of you guys. What kinnna music do ya'll play? Pop, I bet, like that group No Secrets or whatever! Personally i like rock music Sorry guys!!!But I bet your great!

Marc 05-23-03
Greetings from Dana Point California! Meet any strange people on airplanes lately?

Jennifer 05-01-03
I saw a write -up on you all today in a magazine, newspaper or something. It was about you on tour! Luv ya!

~ * * Victoria * * ~ 04-16-03
Never heard of them....

Kim 02-14-03
'Seventeen' is a really neat song. Do you have plans for another album soon?

Wally West 02-09-03
yeah they're cool

nicole 01-26-03
i :) everything about them!! they are so cool!!! but yeah i cant stop listening

NOEMI 11-12-02
Luv yah gurls! U gurls are great! Keep it up!

Andrew 11-09-02
I really like your new CD. It's coool!

Kristy 11-02-02
I heard your song, seventeen, and it's nice!

Dez 10-16-02
Haven't heard your music yet but I'm interested, I'll buy the cd if I like what I hear.

Jim 10-15-02
HOT!! I think I saw your video on MTV !!

tim 10-07-02
You girls seem very down to earth and you guys are hot too! I'll get your cd when it comes out. Later!

jake 10-03-02
I know your song "I Was Only (Seventeen)" and it is great. I hope it is on your album!

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