The, Inc. (TeenFX) privacy policy explains the type of information collected through this Web site,, how that information is used, to whom it is disclosed, and how it is protection. Unless
indicated otherwise, this policy applies only to personal information collected through the TeenFX Web site, or its
mobile sites, or applications (Apps). Personal Information is defined as identifying information (including, but not
excluding, name, address, telephone number, and email address), and character information (including, but not
excluding interests and preferences).
The TeenFX Web site has security including but not excluding, firewall technology, secure-socket-layer (SSL)
certificate authentication. SSL is encryption technology that provides security for information that is transmitted
over the Internet.
The TeenFX web site is secured by SLL encryption from Verisign.
The TeenFX credit card processing gateway, including but no excluding purchases, returns, and exchanges is
secured by Paypal.
The TeenFX credit card processing, including but no excluding purchases, returns, and exchanges is secured by
Merchant E-solutions.
While TeenFX implements the above security measures on the TeenFX Web site, 100% security is not always
TeenFX collects personal information typically associated with TeenFX Web sites and throughout the TeenFX Web
site. Examples of the information collected include name, address, phone number, email address, personal
preferences, credit card number, purchase and ordering information, demographical information, IP addresses,
responses to survey questions and reviews, sizing information, and shopping preferences.
TeenFX may also collect information provided by visitors and customers to TeenFX through the TeenFX Web site
about friends and family members. This information is collected from features on the TeenFX Web site including,
but not excluding referral programs and billing & shipping gifts to family & friends.
Personal information is collected on the TeenFX Web site features including:
Shopping cart
Registered for a TeenFX account
Content, promotions and offers are customized to visitor & customer preferences
Customer service
Surveys, quizzes, contests and promotions
Posted content, text, images, and videos by visitors & customers
Online social media
Email content
The TeenFX Web site collects navigational information, such as browser type and version, service-provider
identification, IP address, the web site from which visitors and customers came, and the web site to which visitors
and customers navigate to next after visiting the TeenFX Web site and associated web sites.
b. Cookies and Clear gifs
TeenFX supports and tracks cookies. A cookie is a data file that’s stored on the visitor’s and customer’s computer.
Cookies are used to remember and identify returning visitor’s and customer’s and tailoring the web site to individual
TeenFX may select third-party service providers to help provide features on the TeenFX Web site and analyze and
record visitor and customer information and purchase preferences.
TeenFX use analytics companies and embeddable widgets for visitor and customer analysis.
TeenFX may contract with third-party advertising companies, such as Google Analytics, to deliver customized
online display and banner advertising to visitors and customers on the TeenFX Web site. The third parties may use
cookies and clear-gifs.
TeenFX may enable visitors to navigate to third-party sites and services, or otherwise display third-party content.
TeenFX does not endorse or generally have any affiliation with these third parties. TeenFX does not control and are
not responsible for the practices (terms, conditions, and privacy policies) of the third party web sites. It is possible
that the third party providing content through the TeenFX web site may collect or observe information through its
use of technology. Whether the third-party content appears within our web site environment, or the visitor leaves the
TeenFX web site, the third party services terms, conditions and privacy policies apply to the TeenFX visitors.
Third party data on TeenFX:

  1. Sweepstakes, Quiz, Contests, and Survey Sites
    TeenFX may rely on the expertise of third-party service providers to run sweepstakes, contests, and surveys. If a
    third-party hosts the above mentioned services their terms, conditions, and policies apply to the TeenFX visitors.
  2. Third-party web sites including Social Networking
    TeenFX may associate accounts and visitors behavior to third-party sites, like social networking sites, such as
    Facebook and other sites that host user-generated content. Visitors can view the terms, conditions, and policies from
    third-party sites that display data on the TeenFX web site. TeenFX is not responsible for the data displayed on its
    web site, from these third-party sites.
  3. Third-Party Programs including Rewards or Membership Programs
    TeenFX may interact with certain unrelated companies that offer their customers memberships to participate in
    programs, which may include rewards for purchases from us. If you become a member of one of these programs or
    purchase something from us at this Web site through such a program, TeenFX may provide the company
    administering the membership program enough information about the customers purchase and behavior on the web
    site. TeenFX is not responsible for the privacy, terms and condition practices of the third-party companies associated
    with reward programs and membership programs.
    TeenFX may share information with third parties, as described below, and as otherwise described in this policy:
  4. Contractors
    TeenFX may use third-party contractors to help handle parts of our business because of their expertise, resources, or
    scale. They help us do things like fulfill orders, process payments, provide some customer service through chat
    features, monitor site activity, serve surveys and provide analysis from the surveys when combined with website
    use, maintain databases, administer and monitor emails, administer and send mobile messages, serve ads on TeenFX
    and other web sites as described above and provide consulting services.
  5. Merchants
    TeenFX may share name, postal address, and summary purchase information with other merchants and merchant
    exchanges, usually in association to a customer request for a purchase, return, or exchange.
  6. Law Enforcement and Emergency Response
    We may disclose specific information about our Web-site visitors if we have a good-faith belief that it’s necessary or
    authorized under the law to protect our customers, the public, or our business.
  7. Sale or Merger
    In the event TeenFX sells or transfers all or a portion of our business, consumer information may be one of the
    business assets that are transferred in connection with the transaction.
  8. Email
    You may remove yourself from the TeenFX email list by following the removal instructions located at the bottom of
    each commercial email or by completing the removal from e-mail form.
    To opt-out of mail Catalogs and email newsletter, please contact 914-722-4440.
    This policy does not restrict TeenFX’s to share information that does not directly identify visitors.
    If visitors and customers do not want basic contact and purchase information shared with other marketers and
    affiliates, please contact TeenFX at 914-722-4440.
    TeenFX does not knowingly collect information provided by children under the age of 13.
    TeenFX may share or store personal information among affiliate companies, brands, and affiliates. When personal
    information is transfer internationally TeenFX will take steps to ensure that personal information is treated lawfully
    in the manner TeenFX describe in this privacy policy.
    If you have general questions about our Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us at 914-722-4440.
    For specific questions, concerns, or complaints contact our President who manages Compliance and Privacy
    Services and administers this policy. You may contact this person by letter or email at:, Inc.
    P.O. Box 329-H
    Scarsdale, NY 10583
    This Privacy Statement is effective May 5th, 2015.